6 Top Newest Summer Fashion in 2021

You should be forgiven for thinking that the spring 2021 collections – and the ensuing slew of early summer 2021 trends – were a letdown.

It was, without a doubt, a season unlike any other, thanks to the continuing pandemic.

If you’ve glanced in your wardrobe and decided you’re up for a buying spree, it’s time to be influenced by the best streetwear from fashion capitals.

There are a variety of looks for everyone’s style, ranging from timeless pieces with an updated twist to new tailoring.

Prepare to refresh your closet with the coolest fashion trends seen in the Spring/Summer 2020 fashion weeks.

Spring and summer 2021 new trends are finally on our radar when the temperature rises and the days lengthen.

Furthermore, with the roadmap out of lockout well underway, we’re turning our focus to what we’re going to wear for all of the social activities that are now on the calendar.

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Here are some of the major fashion trends for 2021, ranging from the colors and designs you’ll want in your closet to the cool details you’ll start seeing everywhere.

1.  Sheer

The sheer fashion isn’t for everybody, but this season offers a slew of cool new ways to follow it if you’ve been looking for the perfect one to tempt you.

Rape semi-sheer maxi dresses over your bikini for a beachy ’70s vibe, or wear them as an extra layer over your short dresses.

Wear a blazer over a sheer slip, or wear it as a skirt with a translucent top – whichever floats the life, ladies.

Lizzo is only one of the celebrities who have incorporated the sheer top trend into their spring/summer wardrobes.

2.  Broad-legged trousers.

This season, high-waisted ’80s-style corporate trousers, vast shorts, cropped culottes, and practical cargo pants are all back.

Layer on the butch chic with shawl collar matching jackets and vintage slogan sweatshirts for a more feminine finish, or pair with a bralette or lace-inspired top for a more glamorous finish.

Looking for ideas about how to dress things up for a more formal event? Look no farther than Kate Middleton’s interpretation of the wide-leg trouser theme.

3.  Short suites.

Ellie Witt, a stylist, recommends wearing a short suit with a cami or bra and statement earrings. If you like to dress it down, Witt recommends layering a white T-shirt over the blazer.

Danyul Brown, a celebrity stylist, often likes to wear a vest with jeans, but she advises using a splash of color or a statement piece elsewhere in the ensemble.

4.  Pastel colors.

When neons are too vivid and neutrals are too bland, pastels are the ultimate creamy, dreamy hues to add to your closet.

Channel your inner Mark Quick mermaid in seafoam green, or add bursts of darker colors like chocolate brown and cherry-red to your pastel theme.

Soft sorbet hues add a soft touch to anything from billowing maxi dresses to dungarees and even trouser suits.

This look has also found its way onto the red carpet, with Bridgerton’s Nicola Coughlan sporting a pastel yellow Molly Goddard.

5.  Maximalist prints.

Did you think you should get away with just one checkerboard-printed crop top? Consider it again.

Head-to-toe maximalism is the order of the day in 2021 when we bid farewell to last year’s bland wardrobe classics, but embrace trends galore and a “the more, the merrier” attitude.

Vivienne Westwood’s artsy corset and denim look are ideal, as is this Claudia Li look.

6.  Statement suits.

Plenty of designers argued for more tailored clothing in 2021, but the season’s best looks featured funky prints, modern fabrics, and thrilling silhouettes that brought an old classic new life.

C+plus’s watermelon sugar high moment are all excellent examples that will inspire you to ditch the bland suit and go bold.


Still have an eye out for next season’s main identifiers if you want to stay ahead of the top trends.

No, this does not imply that you can wear wool pants or bulky coats in the spring and summer, but it does imply that you will imitate next season’s top colors, designs, and silhouettes.

This way, you’ll be sporting what’s cool until your mates know they have to have it, too.

For all they know, you’re the one who started the whole thing in the first place!

Make sure to check out some of these trends and see how good they perform for you.

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